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Beyond Color Management

Delivering the Best Print Requires Control at Every Stage

The packaging industry, with its complex product mix, heavily relies on shelf appeal, package structure and brand recognition. In most cases, a CPC’s main asset is the color associated with its particular brand. Brand owners continue to push the envelope by getting their message to the consumer with more complex designs, while still trying to maintain the integrity of their product vision.

Yet the rush to market strategy, while being cost efficient, can lead to an unfavorable result that ultimately compromises the brand. Lean inventory, shorter lead times, increased pricing pressure and tough competition have become the norm and no longer the exception.

It’s been our experience that consistent quality color control, good solid ink density, print to proof match on the first pull and low highlight dot gain still comprise the “Holy Grail” of package printing. Good separations, gray balance, expanded gamut (EG), CIE Lab, density, dot gain, trap, print contrast and inks capable of achieving solids/overprints specified to an ISO standard are just a few mentions of how we as an industry define the path to good color management.

FLEXO Magazine, July 2016