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Pioneer Spirit

Trisoft Graphics Uses Beta Testing
to See New Products, Offers Glimpse Into The Future

Generally speaking, we know where flexography is heading: Higher quality, less waste, faster machines, quicker time to market, etc. It’s the specifics that elude us. But what if you could sneak a peek at the future and see what advancements were down the road, know where to invest and even help shape those products that are coming soon?


Randy Mayer

For Costa Mesa, CA based FTA member Trisoft Graphics Inc., that’s all possible, thanks to the company’s history of serving as a beta tester, which “offers us a tiny piece of the crystal ball we all would like to have,” says Director of Operations Randy Mayer. Here, Mayer talks to FLEXO about his company’s work with preproduction prepress, why Trisoft beta tests and what benefits it affords.

FLEXO Magazine, July 2015