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History of Prepress Evolutions

Trisoft Graphics on FLEXO Cover Design

There are more than a few FTA member companies that specialize in premedia, and the July issue of FLEXO Magazine is traditionally focused solely on the world of prepress. So when putting together the July 2017 edition, we thought, why not marry the two—and give our designer the month off—and enlist the expert assistance of one such FTA memberTrisoft Graphics, in the creation of the cover?

That was the thought process that led to page one of the July 2017 issue of FLEXO Magazine. Trisoft handled the project, holding several consultations with magazine staff and getting feedback and direction, before putting together a dozen potential covers, from which one was chosen.

“We wanted to create a kind of timeline, showing the history and growth of prepress, and that really wasn’t an easy thing to put together,” Trisoft explained. “The up-front process took days.”

Here, the company goes into detail about the creative process, evolutions and advancements in the premedia universe, and how, over its history, it has kept up with the times.

FLEXO Magazine Cover Design by Trisoft Graphics Inc., July 2017