Trisoft Insite Web Portal

Trisoft Insite Web Portal

Welcome to the first phase in Trisoft Graphics rollout of InSite Web Portal. Although the evolution of our implementation will bring a number of additional features and services in future phases, all of the basic elements are in place to provide our clients and their clients with extraordinary tools for communication, job management and virtual proofing. Current tools and processes such as e-mail, ftp, fax and hard proofs, will continue to be employed. However, we think you will find InSite and Smart Review, welcome replacements for some of these manual and cumbersome methods.

Our goal is simple: continue to improve service to our clients by offering them ever more effective and efficient tools as we continue to improve our own processes and procedures to eliminate waste and minimize errors. Growth and change are never easy but they are inevitable and Trisoft has always been at the forefront of technological and operational advancement. Trisoft is the first Trade shop on the west coast to have a Digital Plate Making System and a Dupont Digital FAST System. Last year, we are first on the west coast to install the Kodak NX system. Now, we are the first trade shop on the west coast to employ and offer the Kodak Insite Web Portal and Smart Review.

With InSite and Smart Review, we can finally invite our clients remotely into our workflow, allowing them to have more control and connection with the projects we work on for them.

Our staff is standing by to help you incorporate these tools into your own unique workflows. Training and support are all part of the service we offer and the value we bring to our client relationships. We look forward to serving you and continuing to provide you with the latest technology.

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